Shannon Newlin

As an artist, Shannon believes in the organic process of creative discovery, a place where one line naturally leads to another opening the door to a fresh perspective and style. Her inspiration is strongly influenced by the forms and colors of flowers and nature. A simple leaf found while walking near her studio can inspire a whole new series of art and propel the creative path. Through nature’s beauty she enjoys creating fresh, expressive images that show movement, joy and a unique sense of vision.

Her artistic journey began as child, where she enjoyed painting on an easel in her kitchen, which led to painting pictures and sewing beads on her clothing to wear around town. Eventually this beginning led to a successful career as a creative director in product development and design in both LA and NYC. She now resides in North Carolina with her husband and children. She founded Shannon Newlin LLC where she uses her creative energies to sell and license her artwork in fabric and wall art. She enjoys participating in local creative events and shows and is very grateful for her growing supportive and creative community around her.

Her range Vibrant Blooms is certainly just that and is also totally gorgeous.