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Designing In Hoop Applique without using My Connection for ScanNcut – Stellaire


Creating an In Hoop Applique File

This class has been created using the Brother Stellaire XE and XJ to design in hoop applique without using a Brother ScanNCut and the My Connection function. If you do not own an Brother SDX ScanNcut the My Connection function will not be available to you. Therefore, this class is giving you instructions for how to design your own in hoop applique from scratch.

General Information

Designing your own in hoop applique is a fun and easy process. You require a placement line, tack down line and then the satin stitch around the design.

There are a few things to consider before you start this process. Once you have downloaded the instructions please read the instructions carefully.

If you own a Brother ScanNcut you can link the Stellaire and the ScanNcut to talk to each other via WIFI using the My Connection capability – you will have a code that came with your SDX to enter into your embroidery machine. This way you can send files direct from each machine. There are some new easy applique design features for designing applique and the process is much quicker. The ScanNCut will also cut your designs out for you to make placement easy and there will be no cutting away in the applique process as the pieces are already cut to size. Notes for this process will be in a different class.

We have used a simple design for this class to enable you to learn the process. Once you understand the process you can create many other designs.

Once you have added this class to the shopping cart and paid you will receive an email with two downloads, one is the design page and one set of instructions.

Please do not share these instructions, it takes us a long time to prepare, test and write instructions to help you learn your machine and we greatly appreciate you understanding our copyright.