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Horn Modular Overlocker Cabinet


The Horn Modular Overlocker Cabinet

The NEW Horn Modular Overlocker cabinet is now available. The slide out drawer unit can be built so you can have it left or right of your sewing cabinet. Just following the instructions on how to build it left or right.

  • When the Overlocker cabinet is closed up the size of the unit is very compact. It is only 650mm wide and 600mm deep.
  • The over locker cabinet slides out on a grooved track system and extends by another 1010mm.
  • The slide out section has a small drawer on the top plus a slide out section for you overlocker to be stored away. With the slide out shelf it also is easier for you to remove the overlocker.
  • The cabinet also comes with a pressing pad which measures 500mm x 530mm. This is removable and can be placed onto other cabinets if needed.
  • The opening area for your overlocker storage area is 460mm wide and the height is 400mm to the understand side of the drawer.
  • The depth of the top drawer sides is 70mm.
  • As per the images you can place your overlocker on the slide out section and it will give you a small area for your legs.The area where you can put the overlocker when the slide out section is out is approx 510mm x 530mm.
  • Can be built left or right of your sewing cabinet
  • Ready to Assemble only

The dimensions for the cabinet is as follows.

  • Closed:
  • 650mm wide
  • 600mm deep
  • 760mm high
  • Opened
  • 650mm wide
  • 1610mm deep, including the slide out section…..Slide out sections out 1010m,
  • 760mm high

**If you decide to get the Overlocker back extension it will add 400mm to the depth of the cabinet when opened. This means add 400mm to the depth of opened measurements. This back extension is an additional cost.



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Price Shown is a collection from store, delivery can be arranged additional costs will apply