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Quilters Creative Touch 4 – software


Quilters Creative Touch 4 with QuiltMotion

Quilters Creative Touch 4 with QuiltMotion

  • Quilters Creative Touch 4 with QuiltMotion
  • Quilters Creative Touch 4 with QuiltMotion
  • Quilters Creative Touch 4 with QuiltMotion

Computer Automated Quilting

Powered by QuiltCAD

Enjoy the benefits of a professional automated quilting system in the comfort of your own home! You design it with Quilter’s Creative Touch, and QuiltMotion quilts it! Go seamlessly through pattern design to stitching with absolute ease.

Quilter’s Creative Touch Software does not come with a tablet and has be be provided by the customer.

 Quilter’s Creative Touch 4

Creative power right at your fingertips

Quilter’s Creative Touch 4 is the top-of-the-line automated quilting system. Enjoy the power of simplified pattern sewing with steps as easy as: select, place, and sew! Have the ultimate quilting experience with the advanced features needed to create, design, edit, layout, and quilt with absolute precision. Quilt your masterpiece with ease as Quilter’s Creative Touch takes your ideas from design to reality.

Try a Free Demo!
Download a free demo copy of the quilting software here!


Easy, User Friendly Design

This latest Upgrade of Quilter’s Creative Touch features a newly improved interface that’s more powerful and easier to use. The whole software has been made to work with touch screen devices running Windows 7, 8, or 10. More features have been added, and the software has been carefully re-designed to make pattern creation and quilt design easier.

See tablet compatibility.

Powerfully Simple

From idea, to design, to quilt

selct a pattern

Pick a pattern Expansive pattern library

Select a block, continuous line, corner, or more from the library of over 200 included patterns.

using pantostacker in quilter's creative touch

Edit and place Precise placement methods

Quilter’s Creative Touch 4 lets you place your patterns on your quilt the exact way you want. See your pattern in relation to quilt on-screen as set the placement.


Let your Machine do the sewing Automated quilting in your own home

The QuiltMotion motor plate and hardware come bundled with Quilter’s Creative Touch 4. QuiltMotion controls your sewing machine to accurately stitch your quilt designs.

Panto Stacker
Simplified Pantograph Layout

Creating and editing pantograph’s is even easier with Panto Stacker! Alternate rows, sizing, and number of patterns can all be edited in a few simple clicks.

Quilt Pattern Creation

Design Your Own Quilt Pattens

The included Pattern CAD gives you the power to bring any idea to life and be stitched with Quilter’s Creative Touch 4.

Trace Image For Quilt Pattern

Trace Your Favorite Photographs

Create quilting patterns from your favorite photographs! Quilter’s Creative Touch 4 lets you import photos and trace your quilt patterns over them!


Record Free-Motion Quilting

With Quilter’s Creative Touch 4, you can record and save any free-motion quilted patterns to use or edit later.