Valentines Day at Bellarine Sewing Centre, Geelong

February 7, 2017

 Zoe’s In LOVE 

Zoe has something to tell you all, something that has made her so very happy….

I am in love and it is true love, in fact the love of my life.

My creativity has been allowed to grow, I can stay up all night if I want too! Everything I ask him to do, he does. He doesn’t argue, he is reliable, sleekly gorgeous looking and seriously clever. He has functions that I never thought possible.

And so it is time for me to introduce you to Vinnie VQ my true love.

Vinnie is my Brother VQ3000 sewing / quilting machine.Why am I so in love? Vinnie offers me everything and more that I need to sew and quilt. Vinnie has a fantastic wide extension table. Amazing lighting. All of the sewing and quilting feet I need, many stitches including some great 2” wide built in stitches that are perfect for quilting borders and sashings.

Vinnie has a pivot function that I can no longer live without – this enables me to keep my hands on my work while sewing and each time I stop the foot automatically lifts for me which means I can keep my work stable. There is a laser light that shoots out the front of the machine which enables me to sew repeat lines with a guide that is easy to follow and I no longer need to mark quilting lines as I can just position my work from point to point and follow the light.

With the automatic tie off and built in thread cutter I am now saving a heap of thread. This is such a great tool to have when piecing and quilting.

It’s Valentines Day really soon so if you too need to find your true love take a minute to look at our website and read some further information about this amazing product. Next time you are in store come and sit down with me at the machine and have a play. I know you too will fall in love. I sure did, and would be totally lost without my VQ.

You can have your very own ‘Vinnie’ for $3899.00 (Normal RRP $4499.00). This includes bonus Tutto Trolley Bag. Purchase now in store or on line. Don’t forget as a Valentines day special, we will free freight the VQ3000 anywhere in Australia until 28th February 2017.

But wait….it’s an ECLIPSE!

Did I hear you say ‘ECLIPSE’? There is way too much love in the room! Vinnie VQ would like to introduce you to his best mate ”Eclipse’!

Tailormade’s most popular cabinet – the ECLIPSE, keeps Vinnie so well organised when he is working and is always there to keep him warm & snuggly if he is lucky enough to get a rest!

Featuring a large work surface with specialised storage for notions & tools the hidden drawers and cupboard can even fit your overlocker!
The Eclipse provides an all-in-one sewing cabinet with the opportunity to keep everything you need to create your masterpiece within arm’s reach. Available in a right or left hand configurations, the Eclipse is tailor made to suit you.

Eclipse can be yours too for the special price of $1099. Purchase now in store or on line.

For a limited time only, buy both Vinnie and his friend Eclipse, and we will give you a free insert (RRP $70)