Fabric, Geelong

There’s something magical about fabric. Fabric has the ability to represent eras, cultures, specific events and trends. It also has the ability to evoke emotions and memories – happy childhood memories, memories of travel and holidays, family sentiments and more. Bellarine Sewing Centre is a major stockist of fabric in Geelong, with an extensive range of brands and categories covering 1930s fabric, basic fabric, bright and fun fabric, traditional fabric, reproduction fabric, Japanese fabric, linen and more!

Patchwork fabric and the quilt you create with it can be a nod to your heritage, a new family treasure to be passed down as an heirloom, a trendy throw that speaks to the times – you really are only limited by your imagination. And it’s not just limited to quilting, you can choose fabric for cushions, curtains, blankets, couch and seat covers, clothes – whatever your heart desires!

Interested in learning how to make things using our beautiful fabric designs? You might enjoy our sewing and patchwork classes in Geelong, too.

Minimum cut for online fabric is 25cm.