Ssshhhh….We have a secret at Bellarine Sewing Centre, Geelong

April 18, 2017

You all know how in love with Vinnie VQ Zoe is, well Admin Chick has spent the entire Easter weekend with the new love of her life! Forget the chocolate, forget the beautiful weather, Admin Chick has been attached to the dining room table with ‘Nigel’.

Who might you ask is Nigel who has stolen Admin Chick’s affections? Well Nigel is Vinnie VQ’s baby brother. Let us tell you all about the adorable Nigel…….

Nigel is a Brother NV1800Q, sewing and quilting machine. Not only is Admin Chick in love, Michelle Marvig (Editor of Quilters Companion magazine) is teaching at AQC this weekend, in a classroom filled with Nigel’s cousins, NV1800Q’s! As these machines are going to be used for just a few hours over the weekend, Brother have given us the opportunity to sell the classroom machines at a ridiculously reduced price. Nigel just happens to be our top selling mid range sewing and quilting machine.

Don’t forget if you are thinking about upgrading your machine, don’t wait for the show, come and visit us in store for an intimate play with Nigel to avoid the crowds at AQC.


We absolutely love and adore this machine and have written a review for you.



The NV1800Q is a sewing and quilting machine that comes with 290 built in stitches including 58 combinable stitches (way too much fun for decorating children’s clothing etc). There are 10, one step buttonhole styles and 5 different fonts. One of my favourite stitches is the built in giant stipple stitch, this has a width of 2”. There are a variety of large stitch designs built into the machine that are particularly helpful when quilting borders.

As this is a sewing/quilting model Brother have made more room from the needle to the arm with a distance of 8.3” – this is a much better size to fit your quilts when machine quilting. One feature that we particularly like is the sideways sewing. This simply means that the sewing machine can sew on a diagonal. For example; if you have a large quilt that you are trying to quilt the borders on, you do not have to turn the quilt to sew the borders as the machine can sew sideways for you. This takes away a whole heap of struggling to manipulate your quilt….. HUGE feature….love it!

Another really fantastic feature of this machine is the Pivot Function. This is where the presser foot automatically lifts as the needle remains lowered. I like to keep my hands on my work while sewing, especially while sewing a blanket stitch. By simply pressing one button you are able to keep control of the position of your work while having the ability to turn your project without moving your hands.

The Reinforcement Stitch (tie off stitch) is also great, especially for piecing and quilting. The built in scissor function is my absolute favourite. With the press of a button you can cut your threads to avoid so much waste.

The NV1800Q also has 3 small buttons that will help to change your life!! By pressing the Pivot, Reinforcement Stitch and the Scissor button your machine will automatically tie off your stitches, cut the threads and lift the foot – all while you are holding your work – WOW. This makes piecing and quilting so much easier and it saves a heap of thread too.

A wide table is included with the machine and I find this helpful when piecing or sewing in general. There is also a built in needle threader which I just can’t live without any more!!

To see more information on this product I invite you to follow the link to the Brother website.

And finally……