January Specials

January 8, 2018

Brother VQ3000 & VQ2400

We love the Brother VQ3000 and VQ2400 here at Bellarine Sewing Centre and we want you to love it as well. So we have put on a super special with both machines for the month of January.

VQ3000 – https://www.bellarinesewingcentre.com.au/?s=vq3000

VQ2400 – https://www.bellarinesewingcentre.com.au/?s=VQ2400

Call in store for a ‘play’ now or phone for further details 0352213034

Elna Press

The elnapress 120 offers all the pleasure of quick, professional quality ironing. It has the same ironing capacity as the bigger models, at a very attractive price.

With the elnapress, you really save time (up to 50% of the usual ironing time). And you can sit down and iron your clothes comfortably at any table. The elnapress can be easily stored in a cupboard. It’s easy, quick and convenient.