You’re Invited

July 25, 2018
Do you ever doubt your ability?

Having had the shop for 12 years now we often reflect on conversations that we have had in store with customers. We discuss these conversations and try to problem solve – working out ways to help fix these frequently discussed issues.

One of the most frequent conversations is customers who say ‘I don’t quilt my own quilts because I’m not very good at it’ or ‘My machine can’t do that’ or ‘It doesn’t work when I do it’ and many other comments similar to this.

When we talk to each person we discover that it isn’t that they are not ‘able’ to do the quilting, it isn’t that they don’t have the skills, it is more a case of the ‘tools’ they are using are not right for the job to help them.

Therefore, the customer is usually spending a substantial amount of money on professional machine quilting to finish their quilts when all they really need to do is upgrade their sewing machine so that they can do it themselves with confidence. A case of getting the right tools for the job!!

We have on display in the shop several projects made using designs stitched out from the embroidery machines. These designs have been used in quilts, table runners etc. So many people are not aware that you can use an embroidery machine to make quilts as well. They look amazing and add a whole new range of creativity to your work. Did you know there are machines that sew, quilt and embroider too? What!! that is amazing, one tool for all of those jobs.

Have you thought about how great it would be to have a wide throat on your sewing machine? A wide table to rest your work on while quilting. A machine with fantastic lighting. A machine that can sew wide stitches for your for borders and sashings. A machine that has the ability to sew sideways motion to enable you to quilt your borders without ever turning your work. Or a machine that can sew quilt stencils on your work. All of these questions and more can be solved by upgrading your machine and will help you to be able to finish your quilt yourself ‘I made it, start to finish’ what a wonderful accomplishment it is to do the whole project and very rewarding too.

If you add up the cost of professional machine quilting, it soon becomes clear that you could put that money towards a new machine that will enable you to quilt like a professional too.

Think about the following questions for a minute…


Have you been asking yourself some questions about your sewing or quilting?
Have you been thinking about purchasing a new sewing/quilting or embroidery machine?
Did you get a quick look at machines at the craft show but you need more time to play?
Do you know how using an embroidery machine can offer you so much more in creativity with your quilting?
Did you know that you can sew quilt stencil designs using an embroidery machine to finish your quilts?
Did you know you can use machine embroidery stitch outs in your quilts, bags, table runners, clothes and so much more?
Would you like to machine quilt your own quilts with ease?
Would you love a sewing machine with a wider throat space for quilting?
What about perfect lighting in your sewing machine?
Ever thought about how using a built in laser can help you quilt?
What about a sewing machine with built in wide stitches to quilt your borders?

Questions, questions, questions….

Answers, answers, answers!!!

We invite you to come along to a

Brother Demonstration Day

Tuesday 7th August 2018

Drop in anytime between 10am and 2pm

Carolyn Scott from Brother Australia will be here along with John & Zoe to help you play with a wide variety of sewing/quilting/embroidery machines, we will answer all of those questions and help you to select a machine that is perfect for your needs.

We have a wide range of items on display to show you how you can use the Brother machines to create beautiful projects, including quilts, bags, table runners, wall hangings, coasters, children’s clothing, decorate towels etc. So this is a great opportunity to have a look at what is possible and also have a play on the machines to test drive.

Special treat?   Of course!   Everybody who visits will go in the draw to win a door prize.

Also, we have some AMAZING deals to offer you.

No need to book, just drop in anytime between 10am and 2pm for a chat and a sew.

Even if you sew with a different brand and you have never used a Brother machine, there is no harm in test driving. Believe us, you will be very excited by these products.

Looking forward to enhancing your creativity!!

John & Zoe