Brother Airflow 3000 Overlocker

April 26, 2023

Bellarine Sewing Centre are very proud to be introducing you to the new Airflow 3000 Overlocker.

We have done a review on this NEW product, let us tell you our thoughts…

We unboxed the machine this morning. How exciting!! The first thing I noticed was the actual size of the machine. It has a nice large bedspace to accommodate all sorts of fabric/garment sewing. It also has a solid metal frame inside, which gives me great stability when I overlock. The machine is crisp white, with large dials and 4 different coloured thread paths, which made it very easy to thread. The LED lighting is nice and bright and lights up the needle area well. There is also a removable telescopic thread stand, which helps with large thread cones, but also keeping my threads untangled. The foot lifter is a lever on the right side of the machine, this was easy to access and lifts the foot up to the perfect height to get my fabric underneath. There is also a warning light that will stay on until I lower the foot, another great safety feature that also stops me from sewing until the foot is lowered.

SUPER EASY THREADING-the needles were so easy to thread, following the numbered steps to get to that point and just selecting the L-R switch above the needles made it so easy to do. I like to lower my foot at this stage, but you actually don’t need to, as the machine will thread with the foot up! BUT….the most amazing and exciting feature about this machine is the fact that it will thread BOTH my lower & upper looper all at the same time!! Yes, you heard me correctly. True Story. This is amazing, both loopers at the same time. All I had to do was put in one inch of thread into each of the holes, move the lever to the threading indicator, make sure the cylinders were engaged, then just pressed the button. It was so quick and easy, I actually had to do it several times to see how great it was.

I also did a rolled hem, that was easy. Just a 4 step process and I have a rolled hem. Lovely. This machine also comes with 3 extra feet, which is a really good bonus. It has the Gathering foot, the Piping foot & the Taping foot.

Overall I thought the machine was very easy to navigate, very easy to use and understand and a good solid, reliable machine that will go the distance with some serious sessions of overlocking.

We have this machine in store NOW for you to come in and have a play, so please make the time and visit us to see what the excitement is all about.

In the meantime we have uploaded some videos for you to see more about this machine. Please click on the link below.