Brother NV1800Q

June 2, 2023



At Bellarine Sewing Centre we love talking to you about the Brother NV1800Q Sewing & Quilting Machine. Let us tell you why….

Brother NV1800Q

Can I just say how impressed I am with this machine and what it offers…

The first thing I will say is how impressive in size it is and the fact that it actually comes with an extension table as standard, makes me happy. I am a quilter and what this machine offers for me is amazing.

Firstly, lets look at the buttons and the easy to use screen, which is quite bright, might I say! This makes my life easy because I can see everything clearly. The machine itself has fantastic lighting over the needle area and around the sewing bed space. With 8.3″ of throat space from needle to right of machine, plus the extension table which gives me approx 19″ of workspace, I have loads of room. I am going to be able to quilt my projects with no problems. Having the extension table attached also stops the drag of the quilt and gives me plenty of even, flat space to sew.

The NV1800Q has PIVOT, automatic electric PIVOT….do you know how amazing this feature is for both quilting and dressmaking? Pivot is the function that allows you to stop sewing with your work still attached, the needle stays down in your work and the foot automatically lifts up. This means that you can sew, knowing that it won`t move out of place. This is great for so many sewing functions you can use, especially applique, piecing and free motion quilting. The NV1800Q also offers Automatic Height Adjustment. This means when you are quilting, the machine will recognize the height that the foot needs to be and set it automatically.

Another absolutely amazing feature is that this machine sews sideways!!! Yes, sideways.. Left to Right sewing!!! I can sew a square without moving my fabric around the machine!! This is available in straight stitch and zigzag. There are also 10 built in stitches that will stitch sideways and they end up being up to 2″ in width! I have not seen anything like this before and it just blows me away! WOW, this is incredible. This is great for sewing down borders on quilts because I actually don`t have to move my quilt around. But I can also make these 10 stitches smaller by changing the size in the easy to access menu. I can even leave the Menu open while I continue to sew. No need to go back to the main screen.

And now is the time I think I will tell you how many feet come with this machine…if you are a quilter, then listen up!

16 feet in total that are packed with your NV1800Q…BUT…the quilting feet included are just amazing…hold onto your seat.. it comes with the following as standard,

-1/4″ Quilting foot with guide. -Walking Foot. – Free Motion – Closed, Free-motion Open Toe Quilting Foot. -Free-motion Echo Quilting Foot. -Stitch Guide Foot. -Quilting Guide  -Adjustable Zipper Foot

Plus you also get your standard feet which include the Open Toe, Zigzag, Buttonhole, Overcasting, Blind Stitch, Zipper, Monogramming and a TEFLON foot!!! So, as you can see, once you get your machine home, you are able to just set it up and sew. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

The NV1800Q function buttons are easy to understand. I can sew without using my foot pedal. There is a start/stop button that will work the machine! Once I have selected auto Pivot, Automatic Reinforcement key and Automatic Thread Cutting key, (all of these are right on the face of the machine) I can sew my project and each time I stop sewing, the machine will cut my thread, raise the needle and foot. Too easy, it is all taken care of for me!! Amazing. I am loving this machine.. There is also a button on the face of the machine for Automated Foot Lift. This means I have 3 ways to lift my foot. Manually. Knee Lifter or the Automated Foot Lift button. I know which one I will be using.

The NV1800Q also has automatic Thread Tension. This means the machine will automatically select the right tension in the machine for your sewing.

The needle threader-ADVANCED ONE TOUCH SYSTEM. It threads the machine every time, guaranteed. (I use a size #80 needle, this is the smallest recommended size for 100% accurate needle threading.)

This machine also offers Twin Needle function – if you have not done this, I would highly recommend that you try twin needling, the results are beautiful. The button to engage this process is also directly onscreen-easy!!

On the screen on the front of machine, I have easy direct access to select the Mirror function-this means that on certain stitches, I can flip them so they stitch the opposite way. This will look great with some decorative thread. I can also select different stitches and just sew one of each. I just press the Heart Icon button to change from single design or select the double heart to do the same design stitch on repeat. Did you know that there are 290 stitches in this machine? This includes 10 automated one step buttonholes and you can then sew on your buttons with the special button sewer foot.

The Fonts included in the NV1800Q stitch out really nicely. I can choose 2 sizes for all of them, I have Capitals, lower case, numerals etc. and I also have 5 different styles of Font to choose from.

The NV1800Q also comes with a hard carry case, this means that I can take it to class with me with ease!

As you can see, I absolutely love this machine. It really does come as a one stop package…come in and see us instore for a demo on the Brother NV1800Q and see what I am excited about.

We have also provided you with a short film to show you how easy this machine is to use. Please follow this link