Stitch Eraser Cordless – remove unwanted stitches.

September 13, 2023

Bellarine Sewing Centre are pleased to now have in stock the Stitch Eraser.

Need to remove stitches?

This embroidery mistake removal tool will save hours of time unpicking by hand its also handy for

removing stitches on cuffs, collars and multiple ply fabrics.

2-speed controlled cordless stitch remover.
Remove lock, running, over/underlay stitches with exposed bobbin thread.
Remove stitches on quality embroidery with backing materials.

Model number: LB-8580SE
Power: 7W
Power Adapter: AC100-240V,DC5V,1A,50/60Hz
Battery Type: Lithium 1500mAH Rechargeable
Charging Time: 3 hours, Full Charged
Working Time: 5 Hours
2-speed control (low speed SPM 3500 and high-speed SPM 6500)

Replacement blades are purchased separately.