Brother Dynamic Walking Foot Set

January 31, 2024

Bellarine Sewing Centre have in stock the Dynamic Walking Foot Set.  F085AP

The dynamic walking foot set includes 2 interchangeable soles. The Standard sole helps smooth fabric feeding. Using the Open Toe Sole, decorative stitches up to 7mm width can be sewn. Sew multiple layers, quilts and sticky fabrics like leather and vinyl’s easily with the Dynamic Walking Foot Set. Now quieter with improved sewing quality.

Includes: Metal Walking Foot and both the Standard and Open toe interchangeable soles & screw driver.

Suitable for 7mm stitch width computerized sewing machines or low shank machines. Also compatible with 7mm low shank Janome machines.


This You-Tube link from Brother Support will show you how to attach it and more. Available in store or online.

It will fit the following Brother Machines.

A150      A16        A80        BQ2500                BQ3100                F410      F420

FS101    FS155    FS50       FS60X                   FS70                      FS80X    M370

M380D  NQ3500D            NQ3700D            NS10                     NS15      NS20

NS25      NS2750D             NS30                     NS30LE                NS35      NS50

NS55      NV1100                NV1300                NV180                  NV1800Q

NV180D                              NV2600                NV2700                NV50S   NV950

NV980D                              SL500                   TY600C                VM5100

VM5200                              VM6200D            VQ2400                VQ3000

XJ1         XJ2         XP1        XP2                       XP3                       XV8500D