Brother ScanNCut machines, Geelong

Love to create? The Brother ScanNCut makes it easy to create sewing and patchwork patterns – you will be able to scan and cut almost any design! The machine has its own built-in scanner and is a stand-alone product, you don’t even need a computer or software. You can draw your own designs, scan them, save them to the machine and then have the machine cut them. You can cut paper or fabric! Not a drawer? The machine has hundreds of designs ready to cut.

Bellarine Sewing Centre proudly stocks Brother ScanNCut machines in Geelong. This product is a dream come true for craft enthusiasts, artists, sewers, embroiderers and more – beginners and professionals alike. If you’re able to imagine it, you can almost be guaranteed you’ll be able to create it with this advanced scan and cut machine.

You can rest assured Bellarine Sewing Centre also stocks the Brother ScanNCut accessories Geelong sewers need to create expressive designs with ease.