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Brother Airflow 3000 Overlocker with January Bonus wide table


Introducing the New Brother AIRFLOW 3000 Overlocker with January Bonus wide table RRP $275


 The all new Brother Airflow3000 features DUAL air-threading, easy change settings, 4/3/2 threading options, new safety features & LED lighting, and so much more…

Excellent Stitch Quality – The AIRFLOW 3000 is ideal for challenging materials, like fine knits and stretchy fabrics. Achieve outstanding finishing touches with flatlock, overlock, and rolled hem stitches on most specialty fabrics.

Jet-Air Threading Technology
Thread the AIRFLOW 3000 with a blast of air. With threading ports that connect to the end of each looper by tubes, jet air sends the threads through the looper – all at the press of a button. So, it’s like a breath of fresh air to change thread colours. No more lint buildup! As the threads are constantly moved through tubes by the jet-air technology, fluff or lint are kept to a minimum so as not to build up and clog the tubes.

Safety Sensor and Error LED
The machine will not start and an error LED light will come on – either when the fabric cover or front cover is open or if the presser foot is raised.

Brightly Lit Work Area
Enjoy high-quality LED lighting that’s easy on the eyes when sewing on dark fabrics

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  • 2, 3 or 4 Thread Overlocker
  • LED Lighting
  • Electric Air Threading
  • Differential Feed
  • Advanced Needle Threading System
  • 1300 stitches per minute









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Jet-Air Threading

Rolled Hem Feature

Safety Feature & LED Indicator

Four Thread Overlocking

Knife Deactivation Lever

Stitch Quality