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Brother – High Shank Ruler Work Foot F088AP


Brother High Shank Ruler Work Foot


The FO88AP Ruler Foot is designed to be used with high-shank machines when quilting with rulers or templates. The oval stitching area assists to avoid skipped stitches, and the edge of this ruler foot is higher/thicker to prevent the ruler from sliding under the needle as you are stitching. Finished with a polished coating rulers will glide easily against the foot. With a diameter of ½”, when the needle is in the centre position, achieve a perfect ¼” to either side of the needle. Easy to attach and suitable for use with the needle threader when the foot is attached.


After conducting some field testing with the Ruler Foot for Low shank, we have identified several machines previously thought to be compatible are not.

These include:

F420, F410

A series

M370 & M380D

NV180 & NV180D

NS series.

Our apologies for the miss communication.

For either of the Ruler Feet to operate effectively, the machine must have a Foot Height Adjustment capability.

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