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Stellaire XE & XJ Upgrade 2

Original price was: $1,149.00.Current price is: $1,030.00.

Stellaire keeps getting better!

The Brother Stellaire Innov-is XJ1/XE1 Additional Feature Upgrades and Accessory Kit Premium Pack 1 for Brother Stellaire XJ1 Sewing and Embroidery Machines and Stellaire XE1 Embroidery Only Machines is designed to expand the versatility of both sewing and embroidery components. Enjoy innovative embroidery features for both machines with a 2-point positioning LED pointer for pin-point embroidery placement, No-Sew settings, Matrix copy function and 61 new embroidery patterns. Elevate creativity with new motif and decorative fill designs available for My Design Centre, easy echo and deco-fill stippling in embroidery edit and new accessory inclusions such as the Couching Embroidery Foot plus 40 designs and….

A new 180mm x 300mm Magnetic Frame!!!

The Stellaire XJ1 will also include additional sewing features including 20 tapering stitches, 3 Sashiko stitches, and 9 additional Dual Feed compatible stitches.

What’s new in the Brother Stellaire2 XJ2  and Stellaire2 XE2

  • 2-Point Embroidery Positioning
  • Enhanced easy stippling, echo, and decorative fill in embroidery edit
  • Compatibility with the My Design Monitor app
  • Matrix Copy function
  • No Sew sewing for embroidery
  • Enhanced My Design Centre fill and motif patterns
  • New embroidery patterns plus couching embroidery patterns

Plus these sewing features for the Brother Stellaire2 XJ2

  • 20 tapering stitches
  • 3 sashiko stitches
  • Expanded stitches compatible with the Compact Dual Feed Foot

Brother Stellaire Innov-is XJ1/XE1 Additional Feature Upgrades and Accessory Kit Premium Pack 1

The XE1/XJ1 Upgrade Kit is filled with new features to take your sewing and embroidery to a whole new level. The Brother Stellaire Upgrade Kit is for anyone who purchased an XE1 or XJ1 and wants the latest and greatest features just released on the XE2/XJ2!

  • Includes Couching foot for embroidery and 180mm x 300mm Magnetic Frame.