The New Brother Innov-is A150 Sewing Machine

November 9, 2018

Let us talk about a new product to the market, the Brother Innov-is A150 Sewing Machine. We are really impressed with not only the quality of this product, but also the features it offers. Also what a great price at just $799 this machine has everything you need for everyday sewing.

Light weight, smart looking and easy to use also make this machine a great buy.

Innov-is quality stitching in a full-featured sewing machine. The Innovis A150 includes 150 stitches, 3 fonts, 10 one-step buttonholes.

We love the easy auto needle threading system which makes threading super easy. The drop in bobbin with thread cutter also saves so much thread when sewing.

The use of the auto reinforcement stitch at beginning and end of seams is an added feature with this machine, this enables you to ask the machine to sew a securing stitch at the start and end of the sewing simply by pressing one button. Secure your thread in place without bulk using the lock stitch button and then use the scissor function to trim your threads.

Fine tensioning control ensures stitches sew beautifully every time, from sheers to stretch and denim. Twin needle capability for parallel top-stitching.

An impressive 850 stitches per minute, and a quiet machine to use.

There is also a wide extension table that is available as an optional extra that fits perfectly around the machine to give you extra work space. These tables are great to use when sewing as your work sits flat giving a neater finish with no drag.

Accessories include a hard carry case and a transparent presser foot for an unobscured view as you stitch.

This is a perfect every day sewing machine.

I have really enjoyed sewing and playing with the A150.

As part of the Christmas Specials you also receive a free trolley bag.

5 years on electrical and electronic parts (excludes Foot Control)
and 3 year on mechanical parts.