Brother VM6200D

February 6, 2019

I am a quilter, why would I even think about looking at a Brother VM6200D  Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery machine?

Well let us take a look at why…


The Brother VM6200D has 56 square inches of workspace with an 11 1/4″ throat making it easy to piece blocks and gives a larger area to fit a quilt while machine quilting. It features a large 7″ LCD touch screen display. There is ultra bright LED lighting that is also adjustable.

At the press of a button the needle is threaded with ease.  Aaahh!!

A built in thread cutter helps to save thread and with automatic tie off, thread cutting and foot lifting capabilities it is time saving and gives you a second pair of hands!

Wide stitches for quilting decorative designs are built into the machine and are perfect for quilting borders if you do not have free motion quilting skills.

A built in laser vision guide is really helpful both with piecing and quilting. As an example we would use this when sewing binding strips together on the bias, simply turn on the laser light and there is no need to draw diagonal lines, just sew and follow the light through the diagonal of the strips.

I use this laser when quilting, especially when you are quilting vertical or horizontal lines on a quilt, with the Left/Right shift button you can move the laser to one side or the other. When you place the laser onto the first row of stitching you are able to sew accurate repeat lines. This function is also perfect for sewing through a nine patch block as an example, you line the laser up through point to point on the blocks and there is no need to draw lines. This is a time saving function.

Did you know the VM6200D has the ability to sew sideways? Amazing! So when you have a large quilt and you are ready to quilt the borders there is no need to turn your quilt or try to fit it into the throat of the machine. You can design your own patterns without having to turn your quilt at all. How clever is that? Please come on in and have a play with this function, you will be amazed.

The Vm6200D has 561 built in decorative stitches including 5 different fonts. If you like to make your own quilt labels these fonts are perfect for stitching out a personal message with a pretty stitched border.

So with a speed of 1050 stitches per minute you can really plant your foot for free motion stitching and quilting.

Do you struggle with machine quilting? The Brother VM6200D comes with a MuVit Digital Dual Feed System. This MuVit foot is plugged into the back of the machine and works like a roller, gently moving your quilt through the feeds to give a nice even quilting stitch. The MuVit foot comes with a flat quilting foot but you can purchase an open toe foot, 1/4″ foot and stitch in the ditch foot that also attach easily giving you more options of use with this foot.

Pivot Function – this is fantastic especially when you are working with decorative stitches, machine quilting or when using blanket stitch applique as it enables you to keep your hands on your work but each time you stop sewing the foot will lift, keeping your needle in the work, for you to adjust ready to sew.

So that is all amazing for sewing and quilting but why do I need machine embroidery?

Machine Embroidery

Using machine embroidery designs in patchwork quilts looks fantastic. It opens up a whole new design area of creativity. Making cushions, table runners and so much more you can add a whole new look to your projects.

There are 318 built in embroidery designs including 91 Disney designs. With a USB port in the machine downloading other designs to stitch out is easy.

But one thing I love is that you can also download quilting designs. Simply hoop up your quilt and press the start button and you will have gorgeous quilting designs stitched out for you. This again is great if you are not too confident with free motion quilting. A border frame can be purchased which enables you to move your quilt along easily.

Here are some images of quilts that we have used machine embroidery in.

We invite you to come in store and have a play with our Brother VM6200D.

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