Rainbow Spice by Sariditty for Moda Fabrics

May 29, 2024

How fabulous are these new fabrics? Rainbow Spice designed by Sariditty for Moda Fabrics have now arrived in store at Bellarine Sewing Centre. These are lovely modern prints that will compliment many projects.

The full collection is available in store and on our website now



A little about the designer


If you had told me when I was younger that I would be an artist and designer as a career, I likely would have laughed. I was a calculus nerd…a language disecter…addicted to equations, structure, and scientific explanations, so it was easy for me to graduate with a B.S. in Aviation Technology from Purdue University and go on as a commercial pilot. Graphs, charts, weights & balances, the physics associated with flight were so achievable and understandable for me in every way. Then I married a military man and was whisked off to different locations leaving my aviation career behind me. I found my niche for creating, painting, and quilting while adapting to my new “military wife life.” But here’s the thing…color and design are, in fact, extremely mathematical in this crazy brain of mine, and I absolutely adore tapping into my creative genes (thanks, Gramma Dittman!) to be the designer and artist I am today. SARIDITTY came about as a mix of my childhood nickname, Sari (rhymes with ‘cherry’), and my high school/college nickname, Ditty. A “ditty” made by Sari…a SARIDITTY!

From Puerto Rico to Indiana then South Carolina and Oklahoma, I am officially a West Virginia “Mountain Momma” now, and you will absolutely find me in one of a handful of locations: in my kitchen cooking or baking up mouthwatering creations; playing or cuddling with my boxer dogs; knee deep in our huge garden with produce and flowers galore; at my desk drawing, sketching, designing; out at the barn loving on my sweet Thoroughbred; in the studio stitching up a storm; running, cycling, hiking, or practicing yoga & Pilates; or enjoying Game Night with my perfect-for-me husband and parents, who recently moved nearby (that’s a good thing!). Everything I do and every bit of who I have become influence my ideas for fabric and patterns. I sincerely enjoy bringing bits of my personal history back to life to share with you through art, pattern, and design!