Brother Candlewicking Foot

June 19, 2018

Learn how to make a pretty cushion with the Brother Candlewicking Foot.

Visit the Youtube video at the bottom of this post.



Plain Linen – 10” x 10”

Border & Backing – 40cm x full width of fabric

Medium weight interfacing 10” x 10”

Brother Embroidery Thread

Brother Bobbin Fill


Brother Candlewicking Foot



Trace the design onto the centre of the plain linen 10” square using a fabric marking pen.


Place the Candlewicking Foot onto your machine.

Change the settings:

Stitch Number: 6-155 (reduce to a small size)

Tension: 3.6


Place the bobbin fill into the bobbin and the embroidery thread into the top of the machine.


Reduce your speed for a better result.


Tip: I recommend you sew a practice row of stitching first. This will enable you to see the pattern the machine will sew. For example when the ‘flower’ has been stitched the sewing machine will then do a small stitch in the centre of the flower before moving forward. Then one long stitch before it starts the next flower. Following this centre stitch will enable you to turn your work before it starts the next flower keeping the design on the line.

For this turn on your pivot function for those of you who have this function.

Follow the line and stitch around the design.


From the print fabric cut one piece 15” x 15” for the back of the cushion. Place aside.


From the left over fabric cut 2 pieces 3” x 10 ½”. Sew to the top and bottom of the centre panel. Cut 2 pieces 3” x 15” and sew a piece to each side of the centre panel.


Place your zipper foot onto the machine and sew the zip into place.


Lay the cushion front and back together with right sides touching and sew all the way around the cushion.


Trim off the corners. Turn out the right way.